Zombie Paintball Experience

Zombie Paintball Experience
Zombie paintball is going to be changed up some this year. We added the second bus last year which was very helpful when one of  the bus had issues. Location is the same as 2022 and will be just as fun.

The bus will accommodate over 20 zombie killers per ride, but gives  an equal experience to a full or empty bus.
The price for Zombie Paintball is $25 per person, not including  admission. Admission is a 1 time per person charge that will have to  be paid to enter our facilities.  If you come for another activity and  want to do Zombie Paintball and have already paid the $12  admission, you will not need to pay admission again.

Saturdays get crowded, but we have opened more week nights to  accommodate those who wish to do all the activities and not wait in  long lines. To go even further Zombie paintball will be open every  night that we are doing our haunted activities. Come out on these  week nights to avoid long lines and overcrowding us on Saturdays
Guns and ammo will be provided, they are fixed to the bus.  Zombies do not shoot back, so there will be no need for protective  gear. You will be provided 200 shots, 2 bags 1 for the first go around and 1 for the second go around. The guns we are now using are  rapid fire and there will be a chance that more ammo will be  needed, although conservatively, 200 shots is plenty. Ammo will not be sold during the experience only before at the zombie paintball  line. If you want to light the zombies up and get more from the  experience make sure to pre purchase more ammo.
Zombies will reanimate after being shot, the kill shot is the head.  We will have live zombies running around trying to eat the survivors  on the bus. They will constantly reanimate and attack so be sure to  bring your aim with you. The ride will be around 20 minutes so plan accordingly.
We have had a lot of fun putting on zombie paintball these past  years and we have noticed that those who have had the most fun  are the ones that get into it. Please follow the rules below but most  importantly follow rule #1 to have fun!

$25 just zombie paintball without the admission fee.



PRICE: $25 just zombie paintball without the admission fee.

Come, experience and make memories. Something you can never forget.