Zombie Paintball


Zombie paintball is ALL NEW this year. Previous years the experience has been done in the corn field. With limited time to get ready after watering, the rush to put it together before we opened and the long wait, zombie paintball left much to be desired. This year we have begun resolving these issues.

The paintball experience has been moved out of the field and more out in the open where we can build more scenes and have more zombies to shoot at. Zombie paintball will now be on a bus that will accomodate more people at a time, but give an equal experience. This means less wait, and a lower price, at $3 less a person. Zombie paintball is now $25 not including admission.

Admission is a 1 time per person charge that will have to be paid to enter our facilities. If you come for another activity and want to do Zombie Paintball and have already paid the $12 admission, you will not need to pay admission again. For those of you coming in large groups, we can run up to 27 people at a time. Saturdays get crowded, this year we have opened up 4 more days than last year. Zombie paintball wasn’t open last year on weeknights due to low turnout, this year Zombie Paintball will be open every evening our haunted attractions are open. Come out on these week nights to avoid long lines and overcrowding us on Saturdays, this ensures we can keep doing it on weeknights. Guns and ammo will be provided, they are fixed to the bus. Zombies do not shoot back, so there will be no need for protective gear. You will be provided 100 shots. The same as years prior. The guns we are now using are rapid fire and there will be a chance that more ammo will be needed. Ammo can be presold and will be sold in the middle of the experience. Zombies will reanimate after being shot, the kill shot is the head. We have had a lot of fun putting on zombie paintball these past years and we have noticed that those who have had the most fun are the ones that get into it.

Please follow the rules below but most importantly follow our rule #1 to have fun!

$25 just zombie paintball without the admission fee.



  • Finger must be off of the trigger unless you are ready to shoot
  • Paintball gun must never be pointed at anyone except for the zombies
  • Zombie slayers must stay with their guide at all times
  • Guns must never be used to hit the zombies
  • There is no dry firing, do not shoot the gun empty, the gun will make a different sound when it is empty
  • Kill shot for zombies is in the head but all areas are fair game
  • Zombies will re animate
  • Physical violence of any kind will not be tolerated, for all those who fail to comply with any of the rules, Moapa Valley Corn Maze has the right to throw them out without a refund.

Come, experience and make memories. Something you can never forget.