Pumpkin Patch is included with Admission, pumpkins and melons are not free. If the melons are picked, they are now yours since they begin to decay and rot rapidly off of the vine.


All hours the corn maze is open the pumpkin patch will be open, even at night.


All pumpkins/melons will be sold by the pound, pumpkins will be pre picked for insurance reasons. Wagons to haul children/pumpkins out of the field will be available for anyone to use. There will be a separate Pumpkin Patch stand out by the field, this is where pumpkins will be weighed and paid for, no other stands will have this capability. We will have many free activities that will be included with admission, so bring the family out and have a good time.


  • If a pumpkin/melon is picked from the vine, it is now your pumpkin to buy, no returns.
  • If anyone in your group ruins a pumpkin, by smashing stepping or kicking, it will then be your pumpkin to buy, plus a $10 clean up fee.
  • Access to pumpkin patch will not be allowed from the road that you drive in on.
  • No smoking in the pumpkin patch at any time.
  • This is a family farm, please keep all activities g rated
Price 50 cents per lb