Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch and watermelon patch is included with Admission, pumpkins and melons are 50 cents per lb.


All hours we are open the pumpkin and watermelon patch will be open, even in the evenings.


All pumpkins/melons will be sold by the pound. Every year we have sold out of pumpkins and especially watermelons. To cut down on shortages of melons and pumpkins we planted a 2 acre separate field of watermelons and a 2 acre field of pumpkins. Keep in mind this is a 600 acre farm, if we need to grow more we can. Pumpkins are very difficult to grow and have to have constant care in our desert heat. Many hours have been put into this year’s pumpkin patch with better than expected results. We will provide wagons to transport pumpkins and melons. Look for the stand by the patch, employees that are there we will be happy to assist, with finding, picking and hauling melons out of the field. We will not always be able to keep an eye on all 4 acres, please be respectful of the patch by not kicking or breaking the produce. This ensures that we can keep doing a pick your own pumpkin patch. We look forward to being a part of making memories with your family and ours, as a true pick your own patch.



  • If a pumpkin/melon is picked from the vine, it is now your pumpkin to buy, no returns.
  • If anyone in your group ruins a pumpkin, by smashing stepping or kicking, it will then be your pumpkin to buy, plus a $10 clean up fee.
  • Access to pumpkin patch will not be allowed from the road that you drive in on.
  • No smoking in the pumpkin patch at any time.
  • This is a family farm, please keep all activities g rated

Come, experience and make memories. Something you can never forget.