Pumpkin Patch


Patches are included with Admission, pumpkins and melons are sold at 50 cents per lb. Corn will be sold by the ear at a $1. Don’t be fooled by pumpkins set out on hay bales, this is the real deal.


All hours we are open the pumpkin patches will be open, even in the evenings. See schedule page for dates and times.

About the farm

All pumpkins/melons will be sold by the pound. Last year was the first time that we did not run out of pumpkins and melons. The pumpkins by the end were a bit picked through but we still picked up truckloads of them. I planted around the same amount of pumpkins this year and about half the amount of melons. Pumpkins are where the day maze was last year and melons are where the pumpkins were last year. Pumpkins are very difficult to grow and have to have constant care in our desert heat. The weeds are a large concern and this year we used a mechanical weeder and many hours behind a hoe to keep the fields clean. All new this year, I planted 1.4 acres of sweet corn. It looks to be a great stand. This will also be a pick your own. We will provide wagons to transport pumpkins and melons, although they seem to get stolen. We will not always be able to keep an eye on all 4 acres, please be respectful of the patch by not kicking or breaking the produce. This ensures that we can keep doing a pick your own pumpkin patch. We look forward to being a part of making memories with your family and ours, as a true pick your own patch.




Come, experience and make memories. Something you can never forget.