petting zoo


If there is one thing we take seriously, it’s the care of the animals here at the Moapa Valley Corn Maze. It seems we constantly get reviews of the petting zoo and want to clear up any myths about the treatment of the animals

#1 Pigs water is EMPTY!!!!

Pigs drink out of a special nipple that is fed directly into the water line. IF you are skeptical please ask and we will clarify. Pigs like to root with their large nose and will tip over any water pail in the pens. The water nipple is the best way to keep clean water to the pigs. This mean it looks like the pigs have no water.

#2 The animals are not loved

All the animals that are in the petting zoo are from individual loving owners who take great care of them. They are named and taken care of day and night even when they are not at the corn maze.

#3 The animals are shoved into small pens

This one is partly true but is taken out of context. The animals have original homes  that are not where you see them on the corn maze. They live in large pastures or barns not located on the farm. Also as the life of a farm animal they are susceptible to predators and hurting themselves. Keeping them in close quarters like they are helps guard them from danger as I keep an eye on them. It also gives my guests an up close personal experience with an animal that would otherwise keep its distance.

We monitor the petting zoo, but please be respectful and use common sense around the animals. Take this time to teach your children about these animals and how to respect them.



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