Petting Zoo

As much as we enjoy the farm experience here on the Lewis Ranch, we don’t have very many petting zoo type animals. We don’t like cramming them into small little pens anyhow. Those who have visited will notice the large pens on the ranch that will have horses, cows, ducks and even lamas in them. We put together our small petting zoo generally with the staple animals of a farm, goats, cows, horses and chickens to give an up close and personal experience with animals that will generally keep their distance. After the corn maze, these animals will return to their homes or large corrals.




  • Do not pick up the animals.
  • Do not feed the animals anything but the approved animal feed.
  • Do not open the animal gates.
  • Customers are not permitted inside the animal pens.
  • Do not hit or abuse the animals.
  • Do not smoke near the animals and their pens.
  • Please obey all posted signs near the animals.
  • Do not destroy any signs or objects found in the barnyard.

Come, experience and make memories. Something you can never forget.