Admission into our facility is $12, Haunted corn maze, Zombie Paintball, Hay Ride, Shriek Shack and some other activities will have additional costs, a lot of our activities are included with admission including the Day and Night Maze, please see the rest of the website or flyers for pricing and details. The corn grew great this year and will be a better experience than last year.


What started out in 2014 as an idea has turned into an annual Fall event. During this time we have thousands of visitors lost in our corn maze during the day, and frightened by our haunted maze at night. First thing to understand about Moapa Valley Corn Maze is we are a working farm. Very raw and country. Don’t expect pavement and concrete that is not the experience we prepare. Dirt, Dust, the smell of pigs and country fun is to be found here. Make sure to dress accordingly, we can’t help if your white shoes get dirt on them.


The farm has bees, there isn’t a thing we can do about the bees, in fact farms need bees to pollenate plants such as melons and pumpkins. If you are allergic, bring your epi pen, we will also have an emt basic on staff if someone is stung and didn’t know they were allergic. If you come out during the day and you are scared of bees, don’t wear bright colored clothing, don’t swat at bees, dont pick the flowers and stay away from sugar treats such as suckers or soda. I am in the thick of them all summer and fall and have yet to be stung, If you come at night, there will be no bees, they go back to their hive before dark.


At the beginning of October the weather will still be warm, bring a hat, bring sun screen and drink lots of water. At night it can get fairly cold, especially towards the end of the month, plan accordingly. Towards the end of October the weather will cool down and sometimes will be windy, be prepared to have a good time and attitude no matter the weather since there is nothing we can do to change it.


To avoid lines, come out on a weekday, over the years we have slowly opened up more week nights for our haunted activities. This year, we are open every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and one Monday for Halloween. The entrance line on the weekends can get long, be prepared with cash since the credit card processor will be a little slower. Yes we will have credit card machines, be aware we have no wifi to this area and will depend on our service provider, this sometimes can be painfully slow. Be courteous to our employees, and they will take care of you!


Last year we were excited to introduce our all new Haunted House THE SHRIEK SHACK. It will be back but is totally rearranged and changed. This year we are adding an additional maze to the day mazes. One maze will be shorter and easy the other will be long and difficult. Try your luck at one or both but don’t get too lost, just kidding, please get lost! We have focused on the day activities this season to include more things that are included with admission. The first addition is a truck converted into slides, this will include several slides from big to small and a round pipe that rolls in place. The second addition will be duck races, the activity is included with admission but the duck will be a $1 but yours to keep. The Third is a large van truck that we have turned into a giant chalk board to test everyone’s artistic ability. For the haunted maze, we have made a morgue walk through attraction. It turned out pretty cool and we hope everyone enjoys it, or is at least freaked out! Zombie paintball will have a second bus to mitigate the waiting time. The hayride is getting some more updates and will be better than years past. Things are mostly staying the same, we are trying really hard to not go up on most of our prices and have been fairly successful this year.


For directions, just google map Moapa Valley Corn Maze, it will lead everyone directly to us! For everyone else, go to our directions page for detailed instructions.


  • Read and obey all posted rules and instructions given by the park staff.
  • By your participation, you accept the inherent risks of possible injury or harm associated with the amusement rides, attractions and farm actiities at our farm and the inherent risks associated with any farm activity. You should consider this participation in a responsible manner and with good judgment, particularly if you have a health or medical condition, are pregnant or other physical limitations. You irrevocably release the owners and operators of Moapa Valley Corn Maze from any liability for death, personal injury, property loss or damage arising from any cause whatsoever (including negligence of staff) to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Come, experience and make memories. Something you can never forget.