HaunTed corn maze


The Haunted corn maze is $12, this does not include the admission fee into our facility. The admission fee is a 1 time charge of $12 per person, 4 and under is free. This will include access to all of our activities that have additional charges, Haunted Maze, Hayride etc and all of our activities that do not have additional charges, such as the non-haunted day mazes, pumpkin patch kids rides, activities etc. Tickets can be purchased online. See attractions flyer for a list of attractions and additional activities and their costs.

On top of the Haunted Corn Maze, we will also have 3 other haunted activities to participate in. These activities are, The Haunted Hayride, Zombie Paintball and an all new haunted barn, The Shriek Shack. We recommend doing all of the activities listed but be mindful that Saturday evenings are busy and will make it tough to participate in everything. Come out on a weekday to avoid long lines and crowds. We have opened more weekdays and more hours than normal, in hopes of making Saturdays less crowded.

The most asked question is “how scary is the Haunted Corn Maze”. We can’t answer this question on a scale of 1 to 10. What we can say is that a haunted corn field is a very organic scare. It will be dark, abnormally loud and quiet, the rustling of the stocks is unsettling and the thought of someone jumping out of the stocks is unnerving. For some, they won’t even make it through the entrance, we all have that friend, bring that friend, they will make the entire night. We aren’t particularly gory, most of our scares will be jump scares. What we do is find the darkest part of the corn field cut a path with a few dead ends and fill it with spooks. There will be a few themes, including but not limited to, Scarecrows, a dark room and chainsaws. We try to make the experience very individual by only letting one group go at a time, stay on the paths, get a little lost and everyone should have a great time. There will be smoke machines and strobe lights, those with seizures be aware and advised, we will accommodate anyway we can if we are notified. Those who are in wheel chairs, about 90% of the haunted maze should be possible, we have struggled making the last 10% possible, you are on our minds and we will continue to work towards being more accommodating to you.

The evenings can be very cold, prepare this year by bringing blankets and
coats. Firepits are available to rent again this year, they go fast and typically need to be rented 3 weeks before the available date. We will provide concessions, simple things like burgers and fries with treats such as Ice cream and funnel cakes. If there are more questions feel free to call or email us. Below is a list of rules, please read and follow them.

$12 just The Haunted Corn Maze without the admission fee.


Price $12 per person


Come, experience and make memories. Something you can never forget.