2022 day/night maze


The Day Maze is one of the activities that is included with admission, it is the same maze as the night maze, price does not change in the evening. If you want to come out and only do the night maze or day maze it will be the same base price of $12. If someone pays the $12 admission stays all day and then decides do the haunted corn maze, it will only be another $8, totaling $20 a person. If you come early, the most efficient way to prepare is to prepay for the haunted maze to avoid having to stand in the long lines to upgrade.

This year we grew 3 different mazes, a hard maze, an easy maze and the haunted maze. It’s a new thing that we are trying, please let us know how well this set up works!. The easy maze will be a good warm up to see if the bigger maze is something that will be considered. Those of you that are in for an adventure we made the hard maze harder than any maze we have ever done. Get ready to get lost.

Moapa Valley Corn Maze uses creative farming to supply thousands of people entertainment by specifically trying to lose them in our corn field. The paths in the field are an actual design and can be seen from above. We get asked regularly how it is we cut out the design! We first brainstorm a creative drawing that we believe will be challenging, we then upload this design into a GPS, and cut it out with a lawnmower. These mazes will have dead ends, and only 1 clear route out of the maze. The point is to make it to the exit without cutting through the corn. We are excited for the turn out and hope to see many of you out here!

Price $12




Come, experience and make memories. Something you can never forget.