We are 59 minutes from the strip, mostly all freeway, just Google map Moapa Valley Corn Maze. Admission into our facility is $12, Haunted corn maze, Zombie Paintball, the Hay Ride and some other activities will have additional costs, a lot of our activities are included with admission, like the Day and Night Maze, please see the rest of the website or flyers for details.


What started out in 2014 as an idea has turned into a yearly 15 day event. We open every weekend in October and only October. During this time we have thousands of visitors get lost in our day corn maze and then starting at 7:00 PM, scared and chased in our haunted corn maze. First thing we want those who come during the day to know, this is a farm, and there are bees, we have to have bees or we wouldn’t have pumpkins or melons. The bees aren’t mean, they are scavenging for the winter, so any sugary drinks or snacks will be something they are attracted to. We have gotten used to holding our palms over the opening of our drinks, so as to not accidentally swallow one.


If you are allergic, bring your epi pen, don’t wear bright colored clothing and be aware that they will be near the flowers and trash cans. We are in the thick of them all summer and never have issues, it’s the people who try swatting them and connecting, prodding the bee to sting because it has no other choice to protect itself. If you come at night, there will be no bees, they go back to their hive before dark.


It will be also much cooler for those who can’t handle the heat or sun. At the beginning of October the weather will still be warm, bring a hat, bring sun screen and drink lots of water. Our nights here are beautiful so there will be little issues then. Towards the end of October the weather will cool down and sometimes will be windy, be prepared to have a good time and attitude no matter the weather since there is nothing we can do to change it. To avoid lines, come out on a weekday we have opened up a couple of extra days during the week just for this reason.


We will continue to do so if there is a good turn out on these week nights. The entrance line can get long, be prepared with cash since the credit card processor will be a little slower. Yes we will have credit card machines, be aware we have no wifi to this area and will depend on our service provider, this sometimes can be painfully slow.


Be courteous to our employees, none of them are trained professionals, we are only open 14 days, which hardly gives any of them time to know everything. We love putting this on and appreciate all that support us, we started this from dirt in 2014, and hope to make this your families annual trip to the country!