Zombie Paintball Experience

Zombie paintball is $40 which will include the entrance fee. The Schedule is on the schedule page of this website, come early and on a week day to avoid the lines. Everyone has seen the zombie movies. The dead come alive and try to eat the brains of the living. At the Moapa Valley Corn Maze we have a very rare form of Corn Husk Zombies. Each year in October these zombies move into the corn maze and try to eat the brains of all our corn maze visitors. Each person’s job is to keep these zombies at bay with our zombie killing Paintball guns. Each patron will be issued 2 guns, 1 at 2 separate stations. Each gun will hold around 40 shots, that makes a total of 80 shots per person. The guns are a shotgun style paintball gun, there will be no other guns allowed. To shoot, the gun will have to be cocked each time. This is very exciting since no one in the group will be able to go semi automatic on the zombies. The zombie killshot is in the head, when shot the zombies will fall but like the undead do, they will reanimate, giving more chances to go Rambo on them. The zombies are in the corn fields, the paths will be walked, they will be poorly lit and uneven. Since we are a corn maze, there will even be dead ends for everyone to be cornered in. There will be a guide to ensure everyone is led out of the cornfield safely, stay with the guide, stay alive. Every year we have tried to improve on zombie paintball and we do so a little at a time. We have found the groups that have the most fun are the ones that come out knowing they are going to have a good time. We suggest coming out on a weekday, renting a firepit and inviting a few friends, this ensures the best time possible.

Zombie paintball rules

  • Safety glasses must be worn at all times while carrying paintball gun
  • Finger must be off of the trigger unless you are ready to shoot
  • Paintball gun must never be pointed at anyone except for the zombies
  • If you are shot in the corn maze, this is friendly fire, zombies do not have guns
  • Zombie slayers must stay with their guide at all times
  • There is absolutely no cutting through the corn, stay on the path
  • Never go backwards on the path
  • Guns will be provided, do not bring your own guns
  • • Everyone will be issued 2 paintball guns at 2 different stations, each will have 40 shots
  • There is no dry firing, do not shoot the gun empty, the gun will make a different sound when it is empty
  • There is no tolerance for shooting each other, you will be thrown out immediately.
  • Guns must never be used to hit the zombies
  • Kill shot for zombies is in the head but all areas are fair game
  • Zombies will re animate
  • If a zombie is on the ground, DO NOT SHOOT THEM, move on to the next zombie
  • Physical violence of any kind will not be tolerated, for all those who fail to comply with any of the rules, Moapa Valley Corn Maze has the right to throw them out without a refund.
PRICE: $40 which includes the entrance fee