Pumpkin Patch is free with Admission, pumpkins and melons are not free. This year we are doing a few things differently due to needing to rotate our crops. Last year we planted under plastic and used drip line to water them, we were 3 weeks late planting due to some unforeseen complications with the watering system. Though we had orange pumpkins, many didn’t get as big and as orange as they could have. Don’t get us wrong we had a wonderful crop and a great crowd of people come out. This year we planted a large part of the field where the corn maze has been to rotate the fields, we do this to keep insects and disease at bay as well as bring nitrogen and other nutrients back to the soil. We did not plant under plastic meaning we have weeds, which isn’t as pretty and the melons are a little more hidden. We Planted several hundred pumpkins and watermelons with some other exotic melons such as Crenshaws, San Juans, Honey dew, and cantaloupes, most of the cantaloupes and melons this year were eaten by the coyotes sadly but there will still be a few in the field the first of the month. For the most part we planted watermelons due to the huge demand we have always had for them. We planted in stages but sadly they are all coming on earlier than we hoped meaning many will have to be picked and enjoyed the first weekends in October. We are proud to be the only pick your own pumpkin patch in Southern Nevada that does not outsource from other patches. What you see here, is grown here. We learn every year how to do this better and will be sure to do even better next year.


In years past the Pumpkin patch has not been open at dark, this year the Night maze will be next to the pumpkin patch and we will have a light plant that will for the most part be lighting them up. This means that if we are open, the pumpkin patch will be open.


All pumpkins/melons will be sold by the pound. This is a true pick your own pumpkin patch. The only thing we do is cut the vine after the perfect pumpkin has been chosen. Wagons to haul children/pumpkins out of the field will be available for anyone to use. There will be a separate Pumpkin Patch stand out by the field, this is where pumpkins will be weighed and paid for, no other stands will have this capability. We will have many free activities that will be included with admission, so bring the family out and have a good time.


  • If a pumpkin/melon is picked from the vine, it is now your pumpkin to buy, no returns.
  • If anyone in your group ruins a pumpkin, by smashing stepping or kicking, it will then be your pumpkin to buy, plus a $10 clean up fee.
  • Access to pumpkin patch will not be allowed from the road that you drive in on.
  • No smoking in the pumpkin patch at any time.
  • This is a family farm, please keep all activities g rated
Price 50 cents per lb