What started out in 2014 as an idea has turned into a yearly 12 day event. We open every weekend in October and only October due to Clark County’s permitting policies, for people to get lost in our corn maze during the day, and scared at night. Lots of work and money goes into making this maze happen, and we appreciate all that support us. This year we have made some changes, we feel for the better. One of these changes is admission, we now will be charging a $5 admission fee and have made many of our activities free instead of charging for them individually. We did a lot of work to this year’s pumpkin patch by planting under plastic and installing drip line to the plants, the yields have been great and we look forward to our pumpkin pickers. This year we went with a different variety of corn and planted twice as much. The corn grew and is tall but didn’t turn out as thick as years past, the maze is still large and challenging but will be even bigger and better next year as we will be going back to our previous years corn seed. For those who came the last 2 years, we have now moved to the other side of the river. The spot and parking is completely different and now right next to the pumpkin patch and corn maze. We also took a spot out of our field and planted grass, which next year should be nice and thick but turned out alright this year. New for this year will be our additions of pedal carts, pig races, pumpkin bowling and a Hay Maze. Things to know! If you are allergic to bees there are bees! We have moved so there won’t be as many, we need bees, so we welcome them. Don’t swat at them, bother or pester them and they won’t bother you! This is a farm and most of you will be tromping around in our corn maze, it is still a field, and will have some rocks and foliage on the ground, wear appropriate clothing including, good shoes, pants and a hat. It will be warm during the day and you will need water, we have concessions, don’t forget to grab something to drink before heading into the maze. For directions, google map Moapa Valley Corn Maze, it will lead you right to us. Prices! I have had a ton of calls for prices, they are on the pages of the activities, please scroll to the bottom of the page to see them. Schedule! Again everyone is asking for the schedule, it is on our schedule tab and is very clear, please read it to see all that we have going on and when. Look forward to having everyone out, please share your experiences on facebook, tell your friends so we can continue to put this event on!